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Tourist spots

Enjoying nature

  • Rairaikyo Gorge
    Rairaikyo Gorge

    2 minutes by car

    Rairaikyo Gorge is a beautiful canyon with massive rocks eroded and molded by the river into peculiar shapes. It is located at the entrance to Akiu Onsen. Enjoy a stroll along the kilometer-long promenade hugging the river downstream from Nozoki Bridge. There is a famous romantic spot featuring a rock with a heart-shaped hole visible from the bridge.

  • Akiu Otaki Falls
    Akiu Otaki Falls

    20 minutes by car

    Akiu Otaki Falls is a beautiful waterfall known throughout Japan. The waterfall is 55 meters high and 6 meters wide, creating a powerful and mesmerizing symphony as it crashes into the river below. The best time to visit is early summer and autumn.

  • Miyagi zao
    Miyagi zao

    60 minutes by car

    The captivating crater lake "Okama” is filled with emerald green water, one of the most iconic sceneries of Zao, Miyagi. The color of the lake surface changes depending on the angle of sunlight, so it is also known as "Goshikiko" or "five-color lake."

  • Akiu Shrine
    Akiu Shrine

    12 minutes by car

    Akiu Shrine is known for its "god of victory." Yuzuru Hanyu, an Olympic gold medal figure skater from Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture, is well-known as a visitor to this shrine. Visitors can walk pets on the shrine grounds.

Enjoying handwork

  • Glass workshop GEN
    Glass workshop GEN

    2 minutes by car

    GEN is a glass studio run by a kaleidoscope artist. The studio offers glassblowing workshops, with the artist helping you create your custom glasswork. It is also available to children as young as five years old. You will melt and blow glass to create your piece.


    8 minutes by car

    CLASSOCO FUNITURE is a local furniture seller. The shop next to the factory sells original furniture, miscellaneous goods, and handicrafts created under the concept of "furniture in tune with your lifestyle."


    1 minutes by car

    BAU-LEATHER is a leather goods brand store and workshop. Wallets, bags, and other leather goods are available here.

  • Akiu Winery
    Akiu Winery

    3 minutes by car

    Akiu Winery has about 7,000 vines under cultivation. Wines are available for tasting and purchase at the shop. Spend time with your dog at the cafe's terrace seating.

Enjoying food

  • MIDI

    3 minutes by car

    MIDI is a cafe where you can enjoy wonderful coffee and sweets while taking in the great outdoors. Spend time with your dog at the outdoor terrace seating.

  • Dottore

    3 minutes by car

    Dottore is a restaurant offering great coffee and authentic stone oven-baked pizza. This pizzeria renovated from a small hospital, so check out the interior.

  • SOBA & Galette AZUMINO
    SOBA & Galette AZUMINO

    2 minutes by car

    SOBA & Galette AZUMINO serves soba, a traditional Japanese noodle dish. The galettes made from buckwheat flour are also popular.

  • KOMOREBI gelato
    KOMOREBI gelato

    8 minutes by car

    KOMOREBI gelato is a gelato workshop run by the ranch, so gelato made with fresh milk from the ranch. And each season they launch a limited flavors.

  • Restaurant HACHI
    Restaurant HACHI

    1 minutes by car

    Restaurant HACHI is a venerable Western-style restaurant in Sendai. The Napolitan spaghetti and hamburgers are especially popular menu items.

Dog-friendly tourist spots


    1 minutes by car

    At GURUGURU, you can enjoy house-roasted coffee lovingly brewed by the owner. The popular menu items are Japanese-style Keema curry, hot sandwiches, and desserts. You can dine with your dog at the terrace seating.

  • Kaleidoscope Art Museum
    Kaleidoscope Art Museum

    5 minutes by car

    The Sendai Kaleidoscope Art Museum is located at the entrance of the Akiu Onsen resort area. Visitors can enjoy beautiful kaleidoscopes on display and for sale, as well as the experience of making a kaleidoscope.

  • Akiu-sha

    1 minutes by car

    Akiu-sha is a quirky restaurant serving creative lunch and cafe menus. Housed in a renovated traditional townhouse from the Edo period, this restaurant boasting an open terrace serves up many unique experiences.

  • Michinoku Park
    Michinoku Park

    20 minutes by car

    Michinoku Park has a lot of activities and severarl area that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.Kids can enjoy jumping donuts' it's a fluffy dome with a height of 3.5m, which is the largest in Japan. You can spend the whole day in the vast garden.

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